Monday, March 19, 2018

Tractor Trailer Rolls Over On Ramp To I-78

ATA/TIME OF INCIDENT: 3/19/2018 03:49
LOCATION: I-78 East ramp from Route 33 South
CITY: Lower Saucon Township

1. Fire and Ems was dispatched to I-78 East mile marker 71 for a reported tractor trailer rollover with rescue.
2. Chief 1650 arrived and stated it was on the I-89 East ramp from Route 33 South.
3. Chief confirmed entrapment in the truck.
4. Fire crews cut the windshield and extricated the driver, who was up and walking.
5. Minor fuel spill was contained quickly.
6. Fire crews cleared the scene with the exception of Fire Police to keep the ramp closed.

VICTIM INFORMATION: Driver was evaluated by Ems

1. Lower Saucon Township Fire.
2. PA State Police

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